Monday, March 17, 2008

No good deed

Welcome to St. Patrick's Day. We could spend today talking about stories of green beer, or excessive drinking, or any number of other SP-related news. But, well, we figure that everyone out there already has better stories than any we could find. So, instead, we're going to talk about doing good deeds.

Take, for example, the good deed of keeping a bus full of elementary school children safe after the driver hits their head and loses control. That's exactly what a 15-year-old girl did, after she realized that she wasn't feeling well, and, instead of getting off her bus at the school, decided to stay on board while the bus completed its route, waiting to be dropped off back at home. And the reward for the girl who may have saved the lives of a group of children?

How about detention?

That's right. After becoming a hero, the girl found herself in trouble with school officials. Sure, she saved a bunch of elementary school kids, but did she think about how she was violating school policy on being sick from school? After all, she certainly didn't follow the rules that they'd put down for such things. If only she'd had the presence of mind to alert the officials in the proper way.

Seriously, though, it seems like certain actions should result in a school turning a blind eye to a relatively minor offense. Sure, she was sick from school that day. And sure, she didn't alert them properly. But, come on people. She was willing (and able) to stop a more serious accident from happening. Isn't that worth maybe missing a day? At the very least, can we see into making sure that she doesn't have to take any pop quizzes anytime soon?

Of course, it could be worse. She could be a paramedic that sues the people they've been called to help.

Just gives you a warm feeling, doesn't it?

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