Thursday, March 20, 2008

Really addicted to "Lost"

Some people viewed the Writer's Strike as a dark day (or series of days) in their television viewing. Not only were they not going to get much in the way of new scripted content, but there was a fair chance that repeats would be in low circulation. And don't even get us started on the glut of reality TV that flooded the airwaves.

And yet, when you compare it to what a Pennsylvania family went through a few years back, suddenly it doesn't seem like a big deal that you couldn't catch a new episode of "Numb3rs" at it's regularly scheduled time. After all, there probably weren't a lot of people who were shot for turning the television off. In fact, with the recent programming, leaving the set off might have resulted in spontaneous applause, purchases of dinner, and promises of a good back rub.

So, largely because we've never even come close to reaching that level of dedication to an inanimate object (although we do harbor sweet feelings towards our coffee maker), we have to wonder what exactly could have spurred such an action. Obviously, there were previously existing conditions, but we can't examine those. Okay, we probably could, but that might take a little more time than we've got, and we'd definitely have to be away from our coffee maker.

What could have lead to this turn of events? Was the husband trying to watch an exciting finish in the Big Brother house? Was there a lot of excitement built up over a special guest appearance on "According to Jim"? Was he finally going to learn from the "Mythbusters" about lighting farts on fire? Perhaps some crazy combination of all three?

Maybe, just maybe, the man was so attached to television that he was trying to reenact some of his favorite shows from the past. Obviously, though, he forgot that he was neither a cartoon, nor in front of a live studio audience.

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