Monday, April 21, 2008

Hot coffee

We've talked about this concept before, but it's been brought to our attention again. What concept, you may be asking? Why, the mere thought that, out there in this big world of ours, there are some people that just can't get their morning coffee (or mid-afternoon espresso) without looking at young women in less-than-modest attire. Not to fault the customers (or the employees, really), but yes, there are coffee shops that are staffed by young women in lingerie, or less. And, no shock, but some of these shops are quite popular.

This concept we understand wholeheartedly. Plenty of people like to look at scantily-clad women and men, and the idea of getting your morning jolt from an attractive (and almost naked) member of the populace is quite a marketing gimmick. And don't try to tell us that the people that take these jobs aren't getting a thrill out of being ogled. After all, it's not like the tips can be all that terrific. And it's not like they're stripping, but they definitely are inviting eyes. We're still concerned about accidental contact with the steam wand, but that's just us.

The reason that places like this has been brought back to our attention (aside from the warm temperatures) is that, while it is perfectly acceptable to ogle, drool, and fantasize about these fine examples of the human form, it's just not alright to take pictures. It becomes even less acceptable when the women themselves specifically tell you not to.

On the one hand, we can see where the guys in the story can think that they were justified. We don't agree with their justification, but we can somewhat understand. But to unabashedly look at the woman telling you, "No" and still snap her picture because you "don't care"? That crosses many lines. It's the same type of thought that leads some people to decide to grope the stripper giving them a lap dance.

Here's a tip, guys. Just because you're paying her doesn't mean that she wants to be near you.

And don't think we're just going to chastise the men, either. Oh no, women can be just as guilty. Or, at least, we've heard that they can. We can't be positive... after all, we're just bloggers.

Meanwhile, some people will find it ironic that women who go to work wearing sometimes little more than pasties and a smile would find it inappropriate to have their photos taken. To those people, we say wake up and smell the sexily served coffee. Sometimes a job is a job, and the uniform is either a perk or a detriment. However, no matter what the uniform is, getting your photo snapped by creepy people (especially creepy people that you see often) for their own personal use is often a negative that no amount of bubble baths will be able to wash away.

Now, if you don't mind us, we've got some lattes to serve.

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