Thursday, April 17, 2008

Somewhere, Darwin is laughing

Oh, YouTube, you beautiful bastard, you. Without you, many of us would never have been exposed to the vast majority of crappy videos that people have created due to inflated egos. Without you, we all would have missed out on other sites trying to steal your ideas to help perpetuate the whole online video sharing phenomenon. Without you, we would have had to brave the elements to see the trailer for The Dark Knight. So yes, YouTube, you've done both good and bad things for us. You've also helped to highlight that there are some people who really need a better understanding of things such as circumstances, and/or self-preservation.

You've shown us people picking fights (or ambushes) to post on your page. We've been witness to people burning themselves after a mistake with a flaming shot. We've watched as shaky cell phone cameras have captured upwards of thirty seconds of something either impressive, or impressively stupid. It was only a matter of time before someone decided that they needed to get footage of themselves making their car go airborne, all to save on your hallowed ground for their own posterity.

Well, the fame that they found wasn't what they were looking for, as, unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, something went wrong, control of the vehicle was lost, and the driver was injured in the subsequent accident. Hopefully, the teenage driver will realize that they were able to escape a far worse result, due at least to luck coming through at the end. And yet, we're afraid that they're going to be upset that their friends were too concerned about their safety to attempt to film the experience.

Now, for the kids out there, here's a couple of tips. Tip #1 - Don't try and make your car go airborne, no matter how wicked cool the bumps and hills in the road might seem. Tip #2 - If you do feel the urge, become a stunt driver, and "fly" cars frequently. Tip #3 - Seriously, ignore tip #2 and just focus on tip #1. Everything will be a lot safer.

We haven't seen that poor of planning since ABC got their questions ready for the Democratic debate.

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