Monday, April 07, 2008

Stick the landing

Smell that in the air? That's Olympics Fever, kids. That's the smell of people getting excited, as they do every couple of years, for a bunch of sporting events that only draw attention once every four years. That's the aroma of people clamoring to find out just how much better their nation's athletes are at pole vaulting than the rest of the world. Why, that's the scent that we can only affiliate with people being unsure whether they should support their favorite athletes (paid or not) or boycott the whole thing because of the politics of the host.

And yet, out there in this vast world of ours, there are people that can't detect the sweet smell of Olympic Fever. Some are opposed to the brotherhood gained from watching NBA players getting trounced by Lithuanian amateurs. Some don't have the proper olfactory make-up that can be gained by seeing a torch pass by (for the record, some of those people are in Paris). And, for at least one young woman, the smell can't be detected because it's being blocked by a belly-button ring.

Wait. Let's be more clear about that. It's being blocked by her own belly-button ring. Apparently, the woman woke up, proceeded to fall out of bed, and somehow caught her navel decoration stuck in her nasal area.

We have to give some credit where credit is due, of course. After all, there are a few ways that we can imagine getting a belly-button ring lodged in your nose, and none of them involve either a) falling out of bed, or b) wearing said belly-button ring at the time. We almost think that this woman should petition to get this entered in as an Olympic sport.

And just think of the attention that the medal winners would get in the Olympic village.

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