Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Celebrate your own way

We all have different ways of sharing our joy over events with people. Fans of sports teams will do anything from simple crushing of beer cans all the way up to the much more difficult crushing of cars. People in the 9-5 world will celebrate a promotion or a raise with a quick outing to a happy hour, thereby making said raise null and void for at least a month. Still others celebrate by holding large rallies, gathering throngs of supporters to their side. Oh, and let's not forget the celebratory tattoo.

Still, even with all of that variety, Western culture is far behind Eastern culture. This is probably due to a number of variables, but when is the last time you saw someone stick a bunch of pins into their head for the Olympics? If you live in China, the answer could be, "Within the last week".

That's because a Chinese man, who already held the world record for jabbing almost 1800 needles into his cranium, has upped his own record to 2008, in honor of the Beijing Olympics. We can only assume that his chi balance will be restored. Wait, that's not how acupuncture is done?

Anyways, as a side note, just like the article points out, in China, getting that type of body modification done results in being looked down upon, and possibly treated like an outcast. Just another difference between Eastern and Western cultures, we suppose.

After all, here we give them recording contracts.

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