Thursday, June 19, 2008

The entrepreneurs

There are plenty of people who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the American society. Sometimes, it's something small like running a lemonade stand, and other times, it's making sure that your private company gets large government contracts, possibly through collusion. But the spirit exists everywhere, and people are eager to jump on board a new business opportunity.

Well, some people. However, as a man in Allenspark, CO recently learned, not everyone is supportive of all businesses. This was the lesson he learned after attempting to open an ATV store, and having his dreams shut down by the community and the local planning commission. Not one to give up easily, the man is now looking to start a new business, and hopes to open his new "porn gallery" in August. And, in the spirit of togetherness, the man isn't even placing his own name on the store front. Instead, he's decided to name his business after his most vocal opponent.

This could be a smart move on his part, or it could be incredibly devastating to his standing. After all, either the community will back down on their stance regarding the ATV store, reasoning that a porn shop would be worse for them, or they'll completely embrace the adult video and toy location, reasoning that plenty of people in the town have a bit of kink to them. Sure, the man may need to rethink his ideas for the name of the location, but he might just get to keep his second store. And, if they turn this option down, he may be able to go back to his original dream.

Of course, he could also be setting himself up for the long haul. After all, we're fairly certain that he could seamlessly blend the porn gallery WITH an ATV shop, and it would be able to cater, largely, to a similar cross-over clientele. And it could certainly lead to people finding their horizons broadened.

Ultimately, though, in America, the litigious spirit tends to outbalance even the most clever entrepreneur, as is evidenced by a family in Oregon who is suing the local bus company for their son's death in an accident. We almost sided with the family on this one, until we learned that the boy didn't follow traffic laws, which lead directly to the collision.

But at least he wasn't cruising around with pot "in his pants".

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