Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's magic, you know

Well, yesterday, we had a visit from our good friend Science. So it only seems natural that today we would check up on one of our other regular subjects. And, since we've admittedly been avoiding politics for a bit (the primaries just wore us down), it looks like we have to turn our gaze to the criminal element. After all, in a world where kids think that they can emulate Grand Theft Auto, and where McDonalds thinks they can emulate Devo, it just makes sense to look at that portion of society that doesn't tend to agree with things like laws.

Thankfully, we've got crooks like the kind in Leeds, UK. With an eye for the Ford Focus radios, these burglars have something of a calling card. But before you assume that they are looking to move the radios, or possibly even install them into their own car, you should realize why they're taking the sound systems.

According to rumors, a "magic" chip in the Ford radios actually holds the ability to get free television.

Listen, to all of you crooks in Leeds that read us, take our word for it. Ford Focus radios can barely pick up the radio stations that they're built to carry. There's no way that they've got a magic "free cable" chip installed in them. So all you're really doing is yanking out the sound system from someone who probably already feels a little ashamed of the fact that they're driving a Focus. So please, stop pursuing this foolish course of action. You're just going to make yourselves look even worse in the public eye, and, after a short time, you'll have a pile of car stereos that you can't possibly get rid of.

Y'know, unless that's your idea of decor. We wouldn't want to judge.

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