Monday, June 23, 2008

Keeping it in the family

We found a truly touching story today. A story that shows the types of bonds that only families can truly share. The type of bond between a mother and her son. Admittedly, this bond might get the mother thrown into jail, but she still showed her dedication.

Which also goes to prove that sometimes, dedication trumps things like intelligence.

But we want to give some credit to this mother. After all, we know that it must be hard to see a loved one locked behind bars, serving time for crimes that they committed (and then new crimes that they committed when they escaped a few years back). We would all want to ease their pain and suffering in such times. And we're fairly certain that she isn't the first mother to try to help her child out by working as a drug mule to get what he needs to him behind bars. We're also going to bet that she probably wasn't the first mother to hide such contraband in her wig, although not every mother has a son who's nickname was derived from their own wig-wearing shenanigans.

Yes, you read that correctly. The mother of a man known as the Red Wig Bandit packed cocaine and marijuana into her own wig, and tried to sneak the drugs to her son. And now, she may find herself awaiting a prison term of her own. The cocaine was probably the tipping point. She might have been able to convince the judges that the pot was medicinal.

Just goes to prove, if you're related to someone famous for wearing wigs, maybe it's time to shave your head. Just ask the family of Dame Edna.


A quick moment of seriousness, to say a thank-you and farewell to Mr. George Carlin. If it wasn't for him, his 7 words, and his belief that "you can joke about anything, it all depends on what the exaggeration is", we probably wouldn't be writing this today. Well, we would be, but we probably wouldn't be quite so caustic as often. Thank you, George.

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