Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tipping one back

Sometimes, we find ourselves surprised by even the articles that we read in our unending search for just the right material. For example, we were shocked to learn that the GOP McGranddaddy is even joking about using Google to do research on his potential VP candidates. Not because we didn't think he knew about Google... it's just that we expected him to be a Yahoo! user.

Sadly, though, there are other things that don't surprise us, such as learning that, in some parts of the UK, you can't even buy a bottle of BBQ sauce without an ID. After all, when the sauce also contains alcohol, you definitely need to be worried about people buying it just to chug.

Wait. Wait just a minute. Seriously? People would consider chugging that? Alright, so it'll taste better than Thunderbird, most box wine, and Christian Brothers, but still. The consistency alone should be enough to put people off of the concept, and the overwhelming aroma of spice and other flavors should finish the job. Besides, who really wants to look like a Famous Dave's-branded wino? Do they refuse to sell mouthwash without ID, too? Because we could actually picture people drinking that. It'd be like cheap vodka in a plastic bottle, only not as toxic.

But again, this really shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, this is the same country that's also been hard at work manufacturing the rotating ice-cream cone. For those days when moving your tongue is just too much work.

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