Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And one was assaulted

Many of us know the old joke about two peanuts walking down the street. If, for some reason you happened to miss it, just look at today's title for the punchline (painful as it is). While we don't have any specific recollection as to why we know this awful joke, we can't escape it.

Well, we actually had for awhile. That is, of course, until we found a news story that brought it all back. And that story actually revolves around a woman who was recently arrested for assaulting her neighbor with the small, protein-filled food products.

Yes, yes, we know that she also decided that she wanted to attack a car. But come on, people. People key cars all the time. How often do you get to see the story of someone deciding to exploit a neighbor's allergies? More to the point, we don't often see stories where one of the most traumatic things is the victim being pelted with peanuts at the local mall.

On one hand, there's definitely something wrong with anyone who would engage in such an activity. While the woman may have thought that maybe the woman wasn't yet aware of the glorious joys behind peanuts, you have to wonder about someone who laughs in the face of other people's allergies.

Well, alright. So we find ourselves doing that sometimes. But we're not generally the cause. And, if we are, we at least honey roast our attacks.

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