Monday, July 07, 2008

Choose Your Own Emergency

How would you define emergency? Would you rank wildfires up there? How about a bomb scare at your place of employment? Perhaps even a medical situation would suffice. Of course, some people resort to hyperbole when they use the term emergency, which is why we are now familiar with the concept of people needing to get chocolate ice cream, or just the desire to go out to the strip clubs for a night.

Even so, would you ever define people getting off of a plane before you as an emergency? What if you had purchased a first class ticket, and they were sitting economy?

That's exactly what happened with a flight to Georgetown, Guyana. A first class passenger was so irritated at seeing economy passengers leaving before him that he opened an emergency hatch, activated the slide, and left the plane. We almost wonder if he also brought along his seat cushion, so that he'd have a flotation device with him at the hotel.

On the plus side, the man wasn't concerned about children being racist because they don't like certain foods. That would have been just crazy.

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