Monday, July 28, 2008

Improvised weaponry

Every day, people get into fights. Oftentimes, they're embroiled in the conflict for something less than honorable reasons. In fact, we've seen a few fights break out around us because someone happened to be rooting for the wrong sports team (we're going to discount their decision to dump beer on the other fan's head as being part of the cause).

So now picture a group of people witnessing a fight between a man and a woman. Now picture that this fight is happening in Florida. Are you with us so far?

Good. As we pointed out, with fights being such a random and frequent occurrence, it's practically impossible to prepare completely, short of making a point of carrying weapons on you at all times. Sure, you could train in martial arts, but there are still times when you'll want something in your hands that's more than just your skin. That's when you can look at the example of the Florida man in the fight mentioned above.

Just take off your pants.

Yup. Apparently, there's a weapon close at hand. Specifically, there's one close at waist. Now, we would have imagined that maybe the man would have pulled off a belt, but apparently he decided to get the element of surprise by swinging his pants over his head.

We also feel the need to point out that it's much harder to defend yourself when you're laughing at another person's, um, shortcomings.

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