Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoot thy neighbor

Ah, the church. People are always seeking religious solace, and, for many, they can only find it within the arms of the church and congregation for their chosen form of worship. And yet, every once in awhile, in an attempting to court younger churchgoers (or at least to get them to be a bit more active within their parishes), the churches will find new ways to try to entice people. Never mind that religious peace of mind should be enough for most people, and let's get going on handing out Wiis and iPods to those that become members of a new church by the first Sunday in November. It can be like a visit to the Oprah Winfrey show, without all the self-aggrandizement.

But sometimes, those well-crafted plans have to be changed. Such as when someone is injured in the preparations. Of course, what are the odds of anyone getting hurt while preparing a gun giveaway?

That's right. A Baptist church in Oklahoma recently had to cancel a gun giveaway because of an injury to one of the pastors. The church was using the giveaway to lure teens to a youth conference, with the focus being on faith, not firearms. Once the pastor injured his foot (most likely unrelated to the gun, which was a semi-automatic) and found that he wouldn't be able to attend the conference himself, the gun was put back in storage for another year.

Well, thank goodness. That gives us plenty of time to register ourselves and get reverse fake-IDs (showing just how young we are). After all, churchin' is good. But we want some shootin' with our churchin'.

Good thing that we can think about this instead of the New Yorker.

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