Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's just bizarre

Imagine that you're working behind the counter at a restaurant. During your shift, a man wearing women's clothing, a streaked wig, and sunglasses walks in and asks for a couple of doughnuts. Depending on which city you live in, and which particular area of said city, this could actually be a common situation to deal with.

Apparently it wasn't too uncommon, as the cashier started to ring up the order, and even accepted $5 for the pastries. That was when the man pulled a gun and announced that he was sticking up the restaurant. And, by announced, we mean that he "mumbled something (the cashier) couldn't understand". Understandably, the woman behind the counter panicked and hid from sight. As for the cross-dressing robber's reaction?

He left the restaurant. Without the money from the register. And without his doughnuts or the $5 that he'd paid to get the register open in the first place.

We have to admit, if you're going to plan on committing a crime, first do some research into the location, and the actual "how to" into your chosen offense. Maybe practice. The best suggestion though, aside from don't become a criminal, would be to practice some followthrough. After all, nobody likes a burglar that leaves money behind without making any of their own.

And somehow that's not the weirdest thing we read about today. That honor goes to the Jesus cat. And we thought that he wouldn't like felines.

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