Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That's just stupid

When we first heard about the Florida law allowing firearms in the workplace, we admit to having had some second thoughts. After all, so far as we could imagine, unless your job is working in a gun store, being a police officer, or compensating for a crippling shortcoming elsewhere, we just couldn't imagine why people would even want guns while on the job.

Well, it turns out, people seem to like it. Enough that a federal judge has decided that they should be allowed to bring their guns to work. True, they keep the guns in their cars while on duty, but now they don't have to make that long trek back home if they decide that they are angry about something and only bullets can solve the problem.

The real kicker, though? The judge who decided that the law should be upheld for now also admitted that it's "stupid".

Well thank goodness for that. At least we can rest assured that the judge who allows people to keep guns in their cars feels that the law is stupid. Or that it was, at least, poorly written. It should also put people's minds at ease. Especially if any of those people were the type to worry that "stupid" laws wouldn't be able to get a fair shake.

Of course, those people haven't been paying attention to the federal government for the last eight years. But they might have been too worried about guns in their cars to really watch DC closely.

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