Thursday, July 10, 2008

Um, what?

Today, it's a tale of two criminals. Well, one wasn't really a criminal beforehand, at least by most measures of the law. But ducking a subpoena from Congress? That just isn't the most upstanding citizen.

Of course, we're speaking of Karl Rove. The former Man in the Yellow Hat to the President's Curious George was issued a subpoena by Congress. Presenting himself as someone with nothing to hide, Rove immediately decided to refuse to testify, ignore the subpoena, and claim that he could do so because of "executive privilege".

This course of action could cause Rove to be held in contempt (we'd make the easy joke here, but, well, the country is in pretty bad shape after the last 8 years, and now is a time for healing). But fear not, freedom lovers. Rove is more than willing to hold an informal interview on the subject of the firings of justices that disagreed with the GDub Administration. Or, he'll even consider writing answers to questions on a sheet of paper. Just so long as he doesn't have to do so in front of the glare of television cameras. Because, as we all know, Rove shies away from the public eye.

On the up side, he is being more intelligent than the accused mob killer who hid from the police by portraying a mob killer in a film. But only slightly.

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