Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A vote against Baldwin

No, folks, we're not picking on Alec Baldwin this time. We're not even picking on brother Billy. Today, our sites are set on Stephen, also known as the Blonde Baldwin, or "That Guy Who Was In Biodome with Pauly Shore". Yes, we know he was in "Threesome", too, but we don't want to taint Josh Charles that way.

Anyways, it turns out that Stephen made a recent appearance on FOXNews. While there, he complains about Hollywood and the media assuming that the average American care about their political leanings.

Oh, and he said he'd leave the country of Obama was elected.

While we generally don't concern ourselves with which actor endorses which candidate, simply because we can't vote only by choosing which movies we liked better, we actually look at Stephen's comments with a bit more interest. First off, why would you complain about the average person not wanting to know your political leanings, all while appearing on a very conservatively-slanted news station? Secondly, why would you announce that you're going to leave if the GOP doesn't hold on to the presidency?

Maybe Stephen has forgotten that he's the Baldwin most people are kind of relieved has faded from view. Sure, Alec isn't the rosiest character out there, but people seem to give him something of a pass because of "30 Rock". As for Stephen? Well, he was the replacement Barney Rubble.

This may have solidified votes in a lot of people's minds. Heck, even the diehard Ron Paul supporters might be willing to ensure that there will never be a sequel to "Biodome".

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