Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bright Ideas

Today, we actually have three different stories, because they all seem to have a connecting thread to their narratives. That thread? We'll just call it "Bright Ideas". It's almost like science taking the reins, but this time, it's the common man.

Speaking of the common man, it's not unheard of for a truck driver to get robbed. It's also not unheard of for people to actually rob themselves, and try to pin the blame on someone else. What classifies this as a "Bright Idea" is that the truck driver couldn't begin to give anything approaching a description of the supposed burglar. Oh yeah, and there were no witnesses to back up his story of grand larceny on the highways of America.

You'd think after driving a truck all day, the driver would have been able to come up with some sort of a description. At least saying something like, "I think it was a 20-something guy who was a bit shorter than me" had to be better than answering the police with, "Um, I don't know what they looked like." Of course, even that second answer was better than answering, "I did it."

But he's not the only one having "Bright Ideas". A young adult decided that he wanted to have a pool party, and invited some of his not-quite-adult friends. Everything was going swimmingly until the real estate agent trying to sell the house decided to stop by for a random check-up. Which just shows why you shouldn't swim in the pool of a house up for sale.

But it's not all crime that leads to "Bright Ideas". Sometimes, it can be a mail mix-up. And such a thing has been happening in the sleepy Irish town of Ballinacor. Apparently, the small community has a few residents with the exact same name, causing a headache for the postal service, and the mail recipients. So, as a stroke of genius, the residents have petitioned to get house numbers added, so that they can receive their appropriate mail.

House numbers. Wow. What will the Irish think of next? Mixing whiskey with cider? That would just be crazy.

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