Thursday, August 21, 2008

A demon in the sack

You know, plenty of people like it when their sexual partners are a bit more aggressive, bordering almost on voracious. It tends to add a bit of spice to the relationship, and plenty of times a higher level of kink will come from partners with a bit more experience. They've experimented, found the things that they like, and keep returning to that (potentially disturbing) well because it's what works for them in bed.

Meanwhile, nobody wants to deal with someone who's become completely possessed by a concept, or, worse yet, a demon or devil. Sure, it could lead to some fun bedroom games, but we're fairly certain that after the first time you've sacrificed a goat to satisfy your partner, it starts getting old.

Well, according to an exorcist from Westminster, people need to be cautious about promiscuity (and no, he doesn't care if it's hetero- or homosexual... both are just as bad). Why? Not because it might lead to infidelity or poor treatment from others. Not even because it might lead to an appearance on television, with Maury Povich trying to help determine who the father is. He expresses his concerns because, well, promiscuity could "become a pathway not only for disease but also for evil spirits".

Yup. Lots of sex could lead to demonic possession.

Admittedly, this is something that could be a bit concerning, but how many of us have had a partner that, over time, we've determined was crazy? Could this be because the relationship wasn't a good one, or that one partner was doing things to belittle the other? Is it a self-defense tactic to hep guard against hurt feelings? Sure, it could be any of those things, or it could be that they got possessed by Ixn'ehar the Fanged, and, instead of drooling acid, they just started calling eighteen times an hour.

You know, if this guy gets his way, nobody is going to be going around having plenty of no-strings-attached sex. What on earth will we gossip about?

And, in that universe, does Paris Hilton cease to exist?

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