Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good and bad judgement

We'll admit it. People aren't necessarily the wisest creatures when it comes to decision-making. Heck, we've been victim of stupid decisions ourselves. It happens to all of us. And yet there are times when one foolish mistake can overshadow another, wiser choice.

Take, for example, the story of a man driving around with sunglasses and condoms in his glove compartment. Not a bad idea. After all, he's protecting his eyes, and he's also working to try and keep his fidgety bits from getting anything nasty (or protecting the fidgety bits of others if he's already been unlucky. So we compliment his decision-making skills on this front.

That compliment gets taken away, however, when you realize that the only reason we know this man drove with these items is because he tried to give them to a police officer in lieu of his driver's license. And, if they hadn't already guessed that he might have been a little too drunk to drive, he tried to offer them a half-empty can of Fosters, saying that he'd only opened it a little bit ago.

By committing a simple string of foolish mistakes, the good thought into making sure that he didn't damage his retinas and that he would be able to have protected sex are made moot points. Although his most recent course of action could result in him not needing (or being able) to drive for awhile, which would allow him to save money in the long run. And, when he finally does turn 21, it should allow him to purchase something a bit better than Fosters.

Of course, it could always have been worse. He could have decided that he was going to stash $30,000 in a garbage can for him to gather later, and then offer a reward (of $1,000) when it went missing. So he's got that going for him.

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