Monday, August 25, 2008

A retirement of sorts

Road signs seem to exist for just about every incident under the sun, or at least for every incident that could theoretically take place anywhere near a road. While there are plenty of signs that get by with the usage of words (signs like "Stop" or "Do Not Enter"), there are many other signs that have more abstract concepts, and therefore need to rely on imagery. For example, there are signs that appear to be a magician holding out his hat, images of deer jumping over an invisible bush, and the always popular duck fleeing from a pack of rabbits.

Well, a group of pensioners in London have decided that they've had it with a sign used to denote that people in the area may not move quite as quickly as others. In fact, they're so upset by the sign that they want it changed.

Sure, we can imagine that there are plenty of very physically fit and able elderly citizens across the globe. And we agree that they might take some offense to the image of a person using a cane to walk. After all, it's a personal slam against them, given that obviously only people that have retired ever need to utilize a cane. As for us, we'd be more concerned by the image of a second person who has apparently grafted their arm onto the small of our back, but that's just us.

Still, these signs are meant to alert drivers of those with poor mobility. While the image being used may not be the most accurate (especially in a time when people are continuing to remain active and, um, alive, for longer periods of time), it is a strong image that conveys the needed information to someone seeing it while driving.

The only real question that we have at this point is whether or not these pensioners even really have something to complain about. After all, it's not showing them with broken hips. But if it helps, we do have an idea for a more truthful sign.

We just aren't quite sure how to draw people getting others off of their lawns.

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