Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sometimes crime is inconvenient

We're bouncing two stories your way today, just because they both have elements that, for one reason or another, just leapt out at us. And, when things leap, we try to catch them and chat a bit about what we've found.

Anyways, in the first story, we learn what not to do if our blinds and a door are left open. That, naturally, would be walking around naked. After all, you do that enough times, and even if you happen to be someone genetically gifted with a beautiful body, someone is bound to complain. Not that we'd want to infringe on someone's desire to be naked in their home, but they might want to at least find a way to keep a few more eyes from being drawn to them.

But don't think for a second that the man being nude was the most bizarre thing about the incident. When the police arrived to arrest him for indecency, they found him in his living room in the middle of a "lewd act with a claw hammer, plastic bag and motor oil."

Um... okay. Sure, the plastic bag and maybe the motor oil might have some sort of purpose, but the claw hammer? We're just thankful it wasn't a Phillips-head screwdriver, when we think about it.

And now, to keep ourselves from thinking about it any further, we're going to progress to the second story, which is really just an example of some bad luck. When stopping at a 7-11, a California man was unfortunately surprised by a gun-wielding carjacker. The two drive until ran out of gas, prompting the driver to flee the scene and call the police. The real problem, though?

The driver had just stolen the truck earlier in the night. So much for professional courtesy, huh?

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