Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Display of faith

Generally, when we talk about faith in politics, we're talking about the GOP. Sure, the Dems will mention their religious upbringing, but faith and God are usually playing fully for the Republicans. And yet, today, we find an article that illustrates the kind of faith that Obama has. No, it's not faith in a higher power that we're touching on, but faith in the American people.

The faith that Americans aren't stupid enough as a whole to be swayed by people redefining themselves because it's politically advantageous.

Mr. Obama, we applaud your faith in people. We wish we could hold ourselves to the same level of faith, but, well, we've been writing this blog for a couple of years, and through this we've seen plenty of examples that showcase an overwhelming lack of intelligence on the part of the American people. And we also remember that, individually, a person can be quite intelligent. The more people you add to an equation, the lower the overall intelligence seems to get.

Don't believe us? We look back at the election of 2004 as a prime example. The sitting president was one of the least popular of all time. People were upset, and looking for a change in the power structure. His opponent, while not the most shining candidate, should have been able to win simply on the notion of, "Hey, I'm not the guy you don't like." Attacks flew, and at the end, what happened? The guy that the vast majority of the country hated was still in power, and the rest of the world started wondering if we all ate paint chips for breakfast before voting.

Seriously, though, we really do applaud Obama's faith in the people, and we'd love to see him proven right. We would love for the American people to look at a candidate claiming to change their position for votes, and see through the sham. We'd also love to see the citizens of this country stand up to partisan news outlets, and expose them for their problems. And yes, we'd even love to see people no longer need warning labels to let them know that coffee is hot, paint is not for drinking, and that ladders might result in falls from elevation.

However, until that time, we need to remember that, as a group, the American people really are willing to suspend their personal intelligence if it allows them to satisfy other thoughts and desires. And, because of that, anyone appealing to the wisdom and intelligence of the people should really reanalyze their strategy, and figure out how to include more flashing lights and dancing girls.

After all, people really love dancing girls.

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