Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money money money money

Wow. Feels like we've been gone forever. Thankfully, in our absence, stupidity has continued to flourish amongst the criminal elements of our society.

What's that? You need proof? You don't simply believe it this time? Well, how about when someone decided to use marked bills to pay their court fine?

As it turns out, these thieves weren't willing to take the risk to steal the money from a safe, or even from a cash register. Instead, they got their bills from a restaurant. More specifically, a restaurant that had a tradition of placing signed money on their walls. After all, it was a way for them to show off on the types of clientele they could get in.

But that's not all. Aside from just having bills that had received signatures scribbled on them by various eaters, many of these bills had another distinguishing characteristic. Many had the name of the restaurant stamped onto them. It's not like seeing the "Where's George?" markings on a bill. Well, it might have been, but we're going to assume that these stamps didn't include a website.

We've never been thieves, but we've seen a lot of movies dealing with this subject, and other subjects of an even more illicit nature, and even we've learned that you always try to get unmarked bills. Obviously, these guys have never seen a crime movie.

Either that, or they were so disturbed by the guy who had his daughter model for his nude Sarah Palin painting that they had a temporary leave of their senses.

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