Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wow. We've surpassed 600 posts. And, well, a fair number of those posts have been at least somewhat political in nature. Of course, we're currently dealing with some very interesting political times, as we're in the final months of GDub, and we don't have a clue yet who's going to take his place.

What we do know, however, is that we won't be meeting with the President of Spain no matter what John McCain says. Sure, he's open to the idea, but meeting with the President of Spain is like meeting with the Emperor of St. Paul. No such person exists. Of course, this is all coming shortly after the Mack Granddaddy of the campaign decided that he wouldn't meet with the Spanish Prime Minister, using words that almost sounded like he was discounting any sort of partnership with the country. Good to know that we don't want to build bridges in the international community, because, otherwise, McCain's comments could have been seen as being a bit foolish and misguided.

And why would we want to create ties to other countries? Our current administration seems to be fairly set on recreating a Cold War with Russia. After all, why else would Condi Rice be going around, proclaiming Russia as being on the brink of "self-imposed isolation and international irrelevance" for their actions against Georgia. And hey, even Mack Granddaddy had something to say about that, pointing out that countries shouldn't invade each other in the 21st century. You know, unless their flag has a certain number of stars on it, preferably between 49 and 51.

To be fair, we would be attacking Obama on these topics, too, but he actually seems to want to get some sort of global partnership going. Yeah, like that's going to work. Oh well, back to reading emails.

What? It's not like we're reading hers to find out what she's being doing without a secure connection.

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