Thursday, September 11, 2008


We could spend another day talking about the sheer ridiculousness of what's going on already in the Presidential campaigns, but we know that we've got another couple of months to deal with all of that. We could talk about the LHC and CERN, but, well, we're not physicists, and all we would be able to do is stir up more fear and speculation. So instead, we're going to return to looking at the insanity around the world.

First up, and rather fitting for a return of sorts, we're pleased (and by pleased, we mean terrified) to see that the $54,000,000 pants are back in the news. Not content to take up court time once, and certainly not content to cause the plaintiff to lose his job as a judge, the pants have reared their ugly head one more time. Somehow, an appeals court was foolish enough to decide that the lawsuit had some grounds, and are allowing it to be tried again. For those that have forgotten, these are the pants that were supposedly lost, then returned, then discovered to be wrong, before the owner requested a ridiculous amount of money, basically putting a family dry cleaner out of business. And yup. We all knew that fashion repeated itself, but this is crazy.

But not as crazy as an event that led to three dead, and two critically wounded. In South Africa, a bar brawl broke out, resulting in the shootings of many involved. What could have caused this fight?

A conversation about the size of one man's genitalia.

That's right, folks. In a world where there are obviously more important to fight about, and where most people would be hard pressed to come up with something that deserves a shooting no matter what, these guys decided that they needed to come out firing after having their manhood slandered. Not that feeling the need to shoot up the place really helped convince anyone around that maybe they weren't compensating for anything.

After all, you know what they say. You can put lipstick on a penis, and it'll just get you slapped by your girlfriend.

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