Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprise surprise

A recent survey has shown us results that we just couldn't possibly have expected. Well, we could have expected them, if we only took some time to look at things such as media consumption, popular websites, and economic indicators. It was a survey similar to asking people in Green Bay if they like the Packers; plenty of people in the area would give answers ranging all the way from "Yes, definitely" to "Very much so."

But this survey wasn't looking at sports, or even adults. It was a study done to see how many kids play video games. And, shock of shocks, it seems as though right around 97% of them have admitted to playing regularly.

Wow. Color us surprised. We just never thought that kids were playing video games. Sure, we've been doing that for much of our lives, but we just thought that it must have been contained within our generation. Don't tell us that the kids are still out there listening to that rock and roll music, too. We just couldn't handle that.

But that's not all. Of course, the study also looked at the differences between boys and girls and how they choose their games. It also examined how easy it is for the kids to get their hands on games aimed at adults. Sure, parents are checking (sometimes), but that's not often stopping the kids from playing the adult games. After all, kids are sneaky, resourceful, and they can power themselves on sugar, while adults still need things like coffee.

Boy, we're just shocked by this whole thing. Specifically, what we're shocked by is that there needed to be any sort of study performed of this nature. Of course kids like playing video games. Haven't we noticed that children seem to be spending less and less time outside, and that their waistlines are growing? Has nobody paid attention to the fact that video game sales seem to be continuing to do well in this country, when most other aspects of the economy are falling apart?

So what's next? Most people enjoy sex? Dogs really do prefer steak? John McCain is found to be old by most respondents? Seriously, Science, if you're going to be busy on one end of the world with the LHC, could you at least take some time on this end of the world to research something that isn't common knowledge to people?

You know, just in case you accept suggestions as to how to do your job.

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