Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Team Pope!

While people here in America are getting up in arms regarding the presidential campaign, and some are going so far as to cry out for violence against the opposing candidate, the Pope has been marching to a different drum. Instead of attack ads and empty words, the Pope's been busy making saints.

Well, okay, so he may have used some empty words, too. Turns out that when you're Pope, you need to denounce violence.

Whew. It's a good thing we got that cleared up. Before he came out as being anti-violence, we weren't sure where the leader of the Catholic church stood on that. Sure, it's been a long time since the church itself has encouraged people to leave their homes and fight abroad, but that doesn't mean it might not be time for a new Crusade in the next couple of years. But now we can rest easy, because the Pope doesn't like violence.

More specifically, he doesn't like anti-Christian violence. Well now, that makes a lot of good sense, too. By the same token, that would be like Obama saying he doesn't support anti-Democrat violence, or Sarah Palin claiming that she's opposed to anti-Unqualifieds violence.

And yes, we are in agreement that violence, specifically combat and the like, is something to be against. We just aren't really sure what the need was for the Pope to specifically denounce it.

Unless, you know, he's just a figurehead of some kind, without much real power. In which case, once again, go Team Pope! Now let's get some lipstick for him...

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