Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't know much theology

According to the Bishop of Lancaster, there's a big problem running rampant through the Church right now. That problem?


That's right, folks. According to the big B, the more educated members of the Church are spreading "dissent and confusion" amongst the rest of the flock. After all, education and knowledge come imprinted with heavy doses of original sin, so it's only natural that they'd be working to dismantle religion.

Wait just a minute, here. Now, we're not the type to automatically assume that a strong religious base implies lesser intelligence or education. Far from it. Sure, before science and other developments were able to answer questions about why things were they way they were, the divine was often looked to as the reason. But just because those answers exist doesn't make the world any less divine. In fact, we'd even like to postulate that having more education could directly lead to MORE faith. Not saying that it's a guarantee either way, but there's always a chance.

Still, the way that the Bishop is phrasing his words, it almost sounds as if he'd prefer to have a church full of mouth breathers who barely graduated high school. Naturally, part of the job of the leaders of the Church would be to bring more people into the flock, but with people globally having access to more and better education, why would he cast aside those who have pursued learning?

You know, unless he wants to have the shiniest robes AND be the smartest person in the building.

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