Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Legend- wait for it... crazy

Living in Minnesota, there are definite times that we'd like to distance ourselves from our local politicians. While we don't know who's moving in to the Senate, thanks to a state-mandated recount, we do know some of the people moving back into the House. And, well, when it comes to people like Representative Michele Bachmann, we'd like to be able to put a little distance. In fact, we'd often like to think of Bachmann as being something like Minnesota's very own Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster.

Well, recently, Bachmann pulled a step closer to that level. Remember just before the election, when she went on Hardball and started saying things about "anti-American sentiments"? Remember when she asked the media to look into those things?

No you don't. Not even if it was something you heard from a friend who's mother's hair dresser's son was watching it. Because, according to Bachmann, it's all an "urban legend".

Whew. Here we were thinking that she was trying to rekindle the fires of McCarthyism, when really, anyone thinking seriously that she really made those comments also probably believes other urban legends, and therefore doesn't ever mix PopRocks and soda. Well that's just ridiculously comforting to know.

Hey, wait a minute here. We've seen the footage. We've heard it delivered in Bachmann's own voice, complete with her pasted-on smile that says, "I don't have a clue what I'm saying, but I'm pretty sure it's setting back many social movements decades."

Guess we should be careful when travelling. Someone might want our kidneys, but be kind enough to leave us a note suggesting we call 911.

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