Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We all have moments were art imitates life, and vice versa. We've all also had moments that seem really cool, and would work as short little vignettes of a film. By and large, though, most of life's moments are the kind where you're fairly glad that there isn't a camera trained on you twenty-four hours a day, because they just aren't that interesting.

Well, folks, that's where a new group of delusional psychiatric patients come into play. For them, life really is a movie. They believe that they are in a grand "Truman Show", with themselves playing the wacky Jim Carrey character.

In some ways, this could actually be somewhat comforting of a world view. Your candidate lost the election, or the economy is falling apart around you? Obviously the director wants to see you struggle through some global issues. Get fired from your job? It must be setting up a scene down the road, filled with emotion.

But, by the same token, it would be hard to look at the good things that happen without something of a cynical eye. Married the person of your dreams? They're simply scripted to love you. Did you win the lottery? Cue the comedic scene detailing you almost losing those riches, and learning a little bit about life along the way to recovering them.

And yet, while there are probably a few people in the conspiracy theory realm that believe more strongly that these events ARE somewhat pre-ordained, most of us see that there's simply no logic to life being like a movie. First off, it doesn't begin to explain the really weird things, like John Travolta's career or people's fascination with reality television. And secondly?

We're just confident that the Almighty doesn't wear a hat. It would mess up His hair.

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