Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A family reunion

People miss their families. We get that. We really do. We just think that there are times when people go a little too extreme when it comes to trying to reconnect with loved ones they haven't seen in awhile.

For example, it's a little over-the-top to get yourself arrested so that you can spend more time with your convict sibling.

And yet, that's exactly what a Michigan man did recently. After breaking into a gas station, the man dialed 911 on himself, and informed the police that he wanted to be arrested so that he and his brother could have a little more quality time.

Isn't that what visitations are for? Sure, it's not a super long time, and, depending on the crime, a lot of the visitation is done through a tinny telephone connection, but come on? Getting yourself arrested just because your brother's in jail? That's definitely a new level of familial commitment.

We just have to wonder if the two men will really be spending too much time together while in prison. On one hand, they are brothers, and could probably help watch each other's back. On the other hand, one of them did set out to get arrested so that they could have that special time together.

Although, if we've learned anything from sitcoms, we can rest assured that hijinks will happen. It's a rule with siblings behind bars.

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