Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our leader could beat up your leader

Here in America, yesterday was a day of pomp, circumstance, celebration, inebriation, and lots and lots of music. Oh, and we swore in a new leader, which may have had something to do with the aforementioned things. Or not. We can't be positive.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, New Zealanders got to witness something, too. No, they didn't elect a new leader and put him in office. What they did get to see was the person running their country shake the hands of around 120 rugby players.

Not impressed? Well, now realize that he did it with a broken arm, and went to the hospital afterwards.

That's right, America. We can be proud of having recently elected someone who has given the world hope again, someone who makes people think that maybe, just maybe, we'll have a President who listens to the people. New Zealand, meanwhile, will be proud knowing that their prime minister can fall, snap his arm, meet up with rugby players (possibly playing a scrum or two, the story doesn't say), and then wander off to the hospital because it wasn't "quite right". Can we say the same thing about our new President, or any past office holder? Sure, we had the President that understood the first part of the equation (the falling part), but what did he do with it? Did he play some football before heading off to get an x-ray? No, he instead chose to lead a long, semi-successful acting career, until his ill-fated late-night talk show.

What? Chevy Chase was President once, right?

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