Thursday, January 08, 2009

You might be Minnesotan if...

There are a lot of ways to indicate that you just might be a Minnesotan. Obviously, the first and foremost is that you live in the state that may have just elected a comedian to higher office. Another sign would be wearing shorts throughout December, only putting on pants in January because it's "a little nippy". And still another sign would, naturally, be having ice houses set up around lakes in the Twin Cities.

Ah, but don't go assuming that your ice house is just as secure as your regular house. In fact, if you decide to put fancy electronics like stereos and flat-screen TVs in there, you might just get robbed.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, not the robbing part, but that's true, too. What you read correctly was that people have been using expensive electronics inside of their ice houses. While we understand that ice fishing can be a slow way to pass the time, we can't really comprehend wanting to bring something large and valuable out onto the ice. Sure, the lakes are going to be frozen over until at least March, but this is also a state where people drive trucks out onto ice that's barely frozen solid, and other people lose their ice houses entirely because they forgot to get the thing OFF of the ice before the spring thaw.

In fact, just about the only thing we can really imagine bringing into an ice house (other than ice fishing equipment and ways to keep yourself warm) would be a case of Ice House. It won't make the beer taste any better, but enough of it, and you won't care how cold it is, or how it's been since a fish toyed with your line.

Although we would miss catching up on "Judge Judy" while we're out there.

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