Monday, April 20, 2009

Advantage: Sandwich

Crazy things happen all of the time. In fact, it seems like not a single day passes that doesn't feature some sort of bizarre happening. Many of those happenings can at least be explained away through one reason or another (as a general rule, a good number of them can be attributed to excess drinking). But sometimes, even the most obvious of explanations can't really bring the whole picture to light.

Take the case of a woman who came home to find a strange man sitting in her kitchen eating a meal he'd prepared. Oh, and he was wearing tennis attire, complete with a racket. The woman did call the police on the man, but it wasn't until after he'd made "bizarre, irrational statements" to her.

Right. Because we certainly would have followed the same course. Or, you know, we would have called the cops just seeing the stranger eating food in our kitchen, wearing tennis clothes. True, it's possible that the man wandered over from a match at a nearby court, but it's also possible that he's simply looking for another victim in his quest to become the "Tennis Racket Killer". While not many killers would take the time to fix up a meal prior to their "work", we just wouldn't want to take any chances. Besides, they could be one of those dashing types that you see all over the place in movies and on television.

For us, one of the real kickers to the story has to be the final line, possibly explaining why the man did what he did. "It appears he has some mental health issues." Seems fairly obvious to us, but, well, we guess that sometimes these things need to be said.

But honestly? Saying that this guy had "some mental health issues" seems much like saying that Michael Jackson "has had a little plastic surgery".

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