Thursday, April 30, 2009

Attack of the sweet tooth

Let this be a lesson to you. Seriously, this story could contain a good tip for crime prevention, at least if you end up being victimized by a similar assailant. But, honestly, how many crooks out there are just going to steal jelly beans?

That's exactly what happened in northwestern Pennsylvania, as a homeowner discovered that they had been robbed. The only thing in the entire house that was even touched? The jelly beans on the dining room table. Nothing else in the house was even moved, let alone stolen.

It's strange crimes like this that lead the police baffled as to a potential cause behind it. Sure, there are a number of different possibilities, like an individual that just loves jelly beans but has to sneak them away from the glare of a spouse, or maybe it was someone who was just broken up about the Flyers being knocked out of the playoffs, and decided that they needed to get jelly beans from someone else's house. Or there could be even more bizarre reasons as to why this person decided to go through this course of action. There also could be a more reasonable explanation, like someone else in the household eating the beans without telling their housemates, or maybe an animal getting onto the table when they weren't supposed to.

Still, if you're the type of person to steal jelly beans from someone's dining room, here's a tip. Go to some place that sells candy. Seriously, just a couple of bucks will get you a decent-sized bag.

And you won't run the risk that they might be spiced.

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