Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just no stopping

Two stories, but only because we just really have to say something about the first one.

Seriously, people, stop. We sat by when a musical was made of The Evil Dead. We even didn't argue too much when we heard about the musical Spiderman. But we just have to draw a line somewhere, don't we? Oh, wait. Apparently not.

Alright, now that we've got that out of our systems, it seems as though stopping just isn't in our cultural language. After all, the one thing previously guaranteed to put an end to further conversation is now being sidestepped. No, we're not talking about sharing political viewpoints with a group that you know is opposed to them. We're talking about death. That's right, folks. More and more companies are actually cashing in on the notion that, after someone has passed on, they're going to want to keep in contact with people. Or that people are going to want to be reminded electronically about Uncle Bob, even years after the funeral.

In many ways, this is a nice way of allowing people to leave a lasting legacy, and share stories that may not have been shared during their lifetime. We all know people who keep certain experiences close to the vest, and this could be a way for them to get some of those tales out, without having to see the impact on others. And it also allows an easier way for family to continue showing a remembrance.

Of course, given the option, we'd almost like to see this technology stretched even further. How about setting up time-delayed messages? With the right people, this could lead to potential humor down the road. Just so long as they avoid trying to "tweet" their way through death.

"13:26. Decomposing some more."

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