Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't say anything

Over the years, governments have been trying to make creating identification cards into a foolproof process. New elements have been added, turning a simple card with some personal information and a photo into something much closer to a credit card, complete with a magnetic strip. Well, thanks to identity theft, not even that is as secure as it could be anymore, but many states are looking into new technology to try and improve the process.

That's where facial recognition software comes into play. But there is a catch. The software can't guarantee a match every time, with simple things such as facial expression throwing off the algorithms. So, in an effort to try and make the process as perfect as possible, some states have instituted a new rule. If you're currently in Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada, or Virginia and you need to go to the DMV, just try not to smile.

We know, we know. The DMV is just such a fun place to go. We can't help but smile every time we go in. Of course, we really enjoy the schadenfreude involved in any sort of government institution, and we're the kind of people who can enjoy hours on end at the Social Security office, so maybe we're not really the best people to judge this type of thing.

Honestly, we really can't imagine that it's too difficult to get people to not smile. After all, nobody ever seems all that thrilled about getting their photo taken for their driver's license. In fact, we've seen people more excited about getting a mug shot than getting a DMV photo.

This can only bode well for the future. After all, if there's one thing the DMV needed more was an effort to take away what little joys may have existed there previously.

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