Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The French are fighting

We know, we know. We're just as shocked as everyone. Actually, we're not really shocked at all. Sure, France has been stereotyped as a nation that's willing to bend over backwards on their way to a quick surrender, but that just ignores all of the other times that the French decided to go about fighting, even when defeat was staring them in the face. Besides, this current fight isn't about land or anything like that.

It's about Scientology.

That's right, folks. A court in Paris is currently looking at a case being brought against the church of Hubbard followers, claiming that the organization is guilty of fraud and illegally acting as a pharmacy. Pretty daunting claims, actually. And both seem to have some basis. After all, Scientology does promote themselves as a religion, but then insist that people purchase as many of the materials as possible, especially if they want to rise through the ranks. The Church also sells vitamins to followers, which could be construed as working as a pharmacy.

Still, we have a tough time believing that the case holds a lot of water. Sure, plenty of European countries have classified Scientology as a cult, and their argument holds merit. But is it really a cult when so many celebrities flock to it? As for the pharmacy claim, well, the verdict is still out on whether or not most vitamins even do any good, which begs the question as to whether selling a placebo is a crime or not.

When it comes down to it, the job of the court is not to determine the validity of Scientology's continued existence, just whether any of its practices are criminal. From what we can tell, they've done at least one criminal thing.

But we still forgive them for releasing "Battlefield Earth" on us all.

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