Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make yourself at home

There are times and places to get completely comfortable in your surroundings. Most people probably wouldn't choose to do so in another person's house after they've broken in, but Kansas City is dealing with someone who obviously isn't like most people. After all, he's doing more than just getting comfortable in his surroundings. He's deciding to eat some of the food, surf the net, and sleep in their beds.

Oh yeah, and he's doing it naked.

The man has broken into a few houses, one time standing nude at the top of the stairs with a freshly-mixed drink in his hands. Another victim swears that the man surfed "at least one porn site", which obviously is a pretty severe thing, especially when you're dealing with a naked guy who breaks into people's houses. After all, you just wouldn't be able to use that computer chair any more.

Probably one of the weirdest things about this, aside from the overall naked-and-breaking-into-houses thing, is that fact that the man seems to be doing these things largely to just get an idea of what the houses are like. After all, it's not like he's stealing valuables, instead just helping himself to the refrigerator and the liquor cabinet.

We have to wonder, if given enough time, there would end up being an entire naked party happening at one of these homes. Or, alternately, if the man would be able to find a pair of pants that he likes.

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