Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Father, who art in gouda

It seems like you can't make it through a week without someone finding a "holy" image in their lunch. Sometimes it's the Virgin Mary on a potato chip. Sometimes it's a grape that looks like Mother Theresa. There's probably even at least one case of someone spotting a Lamb in the box of animal crackers.

Today, the story is about "Cheesus".

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, we didn't nickname the inspirational Cheeto. That burden fell to the Texas couple that discovered Him lying in a bag of orange-powdered bits. And, thankfully, we can all rest assured that, if this is truly an image of Jesus, the couple is planning on being very religious in their handling of the piece.

For right now, it's in a plastic box. They plan on trying to sell it on eBay, but if they don't get enough of a bid, they'll probably just it eat.

Seriously, people? Not only is someone seeing Jesus in a random Cheeto, but they're looking to profit off of it? The last bag of Cheetos we ate had at least a couple of potential Buddhas, and you don't see us trying to make money off of the deal. In fact, if the snack is truly a message, then it seems somewhat sacrilegious to simply sell off His next sign.

Although we can understand the eating thing. Sometimes, those wafers could really use a kick of zesty cheese flavor.

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