Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smell the healthy

Fast food restaurants have long been viewed as a place where healthy has little to no place, and somewhat rightly so. After all, when you're preparing food on the quick, grease and fat often are almost necessary. Besides, if people wanted to eat healthier, they probably wouldn't be quite so willing to stop at a place that doesn't even require them to get out of their cars.

But over the last few years, people have been firing back at the fast food joints for not being healthy enough. They're being targeted as one of the main culprits behind the rise in obesity, especially in children. So it's about time that more of the chains started taking that into account, and offering more health-conscious options, at least for their kid's meals.

Well, Burger King has jumped on board, and they may have missed the mark slightly. It seems that they've decided to add the choice of apple slices to their menu, but, well, a few other places do that already. So it's time to be different, and BK is doing it their own way, by making sure that they're giving fried apple slices instead. Oh, and there's a dip for them, too.

Thank goodness that BK is willing to take this step. And it should be noted that they're referring to the initiative as their "Positive Steps" menu. We suppose that switching french fries for fried apple is a step.

After all, not frying the apples would be a leap.

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