Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The family that drinks together

It's nice when families get involved in each other's activities. Sure, there are things that probably shouldn't be done as a team effort, but plenty of other events benefit from having full involvement. Just think, how sad would kids athletics be if the parents didn't ever show up? True, some parents take it a little too far, but at least they're taking an interest in those activities.

This is all just a segue to today's story, about a husband and wife that just had to do something together. A nice little activity for the couple to engage in. True, that activity happened to be drinking and driving, but that's besides the point.

Wait, no, that's the exact point. Not only did they both drink, and then take turns driving, but they didn't switch until one of them had crashed into a tree. And now they have another activity that they can do together.

See, both the husband and the wife were charged with DUI, so now they get a wonderful, no-expense-paid trip to walking around and taking public transportation for the next 60 days.

But hey, this shouldn't cut too severely into their future drinking. Especially since, for two months, they won't have to worry about gas prices.

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