Thursday, June 18, 2009

Say it isn't true

First, they attacked our beloved internet, spreading like wildfire across the web. Then they moved on to our libraries and bookstores, furthering their plot to destroy any semblance of literacy across the globe. Now, they have their next target well within their sights.

The LOLCats are taking to the stage.

Even worse, to continue in the grand tradition of making musicals for things that don't need music (Spiderman, Octomom, Reese Witherspoon movies), it's a freaking musical. Yes, this means that soon, people will be singing and dancing to music written in LOL-ese.

Yeah. We're just going to hide from the rest of the 'net today. After all, we're afraid if we keep looking, we'll find something worse, and we're just not sure the world can take it.

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