Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking pride

People need to take pride in their work. Of course, when that work is of an illegal nature, maybe a little less pride should be taken, but still, you have to be able to look on the things that you create like a parent.

That's why it's both good and bad for an Argentine man who was recently found innocent of counterfeiting. Not that he wasn't trying to create false money, just that he was so bad at it, nobody would ever be fooled by the bills.

On one hand, the man definitely should think that he's getting away lucky. After all, counterfeiting isn't really a crime that is looked upon too favorably by the court system. It's certainly not like jaywalking, which often gets written up with a warning at most. The man could have easily been looking at years in prison, at the very least.

On the flip side, though, he has to be a bit chagrined about the whole thing. Not only did he get brought in before a judge, but then he was told that he wasn't even good enough to fool random store clerks. That would be like someone discovering that a modern art piece was actually created by a kindergartner. Correction, that would be like someone discovering that a modern art piece was created by a blind kindergartner who failed art for eating too much paint.

We just hope that the man has some other hobbies. We'd suggest he avoid creating things, or any sort of detail-oriented work, though.

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