Monday, June 29, 2009

Two all-beef patties, special arrest, lettuce, cheese

We've all been upset at fast food workers. After all, it's not an uncommon thing for one of them to mess up what seems to be a simple order. Of course, when you've worked on the other side of things, you know that sometimes, the odds are stacked against you. When there's a huge tangle of people all trying to get their meal, shouting about how they want their change given back, and the added pressure of knowing that your minimum wage job won't actually give you enough of a reason to really care, it can be tough.

Which is why we find it ridiculous that someone went out of their way to complain about a change situation at a McDonald's in Oregon. And by "out of their way", we mean that they called 911.

But they didn't just call once. Oh no, they called multiple times, because they felt that the restaurant had robbed them. The claim was that they'd paid for an order with $10, and only got the equivalent of $2 worth of food back. So they were upset about the $8 discrepancy, and, after arguing with the drive-thru clerk, decided to take it to a higher authority. Most people would demand to talk to a manager, and the situation would probably have been resolved. Instead, the customer ended up under arrest for misusing 911.

Listen, this obviously needs to be repeated. You can't call 911 because you didn't get the right amount of change back, or because you received cold food, or because a store was out of stock on the DVD you wanted to buy. That's just not how it works.

Besides, by going to most fast food restaurants, you've already agreed to pay for something with the nutritional value (and sometimes the flavor) of cardboard. You may as well just write off the entire experience as a loss.

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