Monday, July 27, 2009

Beauty secrets

Go back through the generations. Look at old pictures, and paintings, specifically for women. Do you see beautiful examples? Of course you do. Do you see examples that are far more beautiful than what we've got around us today? According to research, probably not.

That's because it seems that women are getting more beautiful with every passing generation.

At least, that's what scientists are saying. Of course, while women are getting better looking, men are largely staying just as attractive as their ancestors, going back centuries. The reason behind that seems to be that the more attractive the woman, the more likely that she will have children, while men get to procreate based off of success, not looks. This may seem like a fairly obvious conclusion, but it's still worth pointing out. In fact, according to the recent research, attractive women have 16% more children than unattractive women.

Also, physical looks are pretty clearly something based on through heredity. Well, when you take two people that are considered good looking, they're going to pass those traits on. And, for one reason or another, the odds are better for them to have daughters than sons.

Suddenly, the marriages of Billy Joel make so much more sense.

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