Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check your spelling

This may not come as much of a shock to most people, but it seems like there's a good reason to know how to spell, especially when it comes to location names. Otherwise, you might end up taking a planned vacation to an unplanned location.

At least, that's what is likely to happen if you simply input a misspelled name into your GPS, and don't check on it. It did to a couple of Swedes travelling in Italy.

The problem? They were trying to visit the island of Capri, but ended up in Carpi instead. Sure, we could expect that most people would have noticed that the location they were trying to get to was, oh, an island, and that they'd ended up at a landlocked location, but that obviously isn't always the case. Besides, maybe the poor tourists thought that a land bridge had been created by global warming, or just that every map showing Capri as an island were wrong.

Honestly, though, we aren't horribly surprised. It seems like not all that long ago that people were driving off of bridges because their GPS devices told them to make a sudden turn. Which all could be part of some grand scheme by the makers of these tools, or by the tools themselves.

After all, how do we know that they aren't getting their information all from SkyNet, and therefore slowly trying to eradicate the human race?

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