Thursday, July 09, 2009

A good question

There are some questions that are really expertly placed. In fact, a question that might be bad in other circumstances can become a great question if just asked at the right time. One such question would have to be, "What's wrong with you?". Plenty of times this question just doesn't carry a lot of weight.

Not true, when the sentence preceding it is "I'm 80 years old." Oh, and it's being directed at an attempted rapist.

In some ways, we're reminded of an old George Carlin bit, and, in other ways, we're just reminded that some people are incredibly depraved. Not that we can understand rape in any shape or form, but selecting someone almost twice your age? That generally doesn't work out well for the culprit even when they're merely 14 or 15. It certainly isn't going to go well when they're 40+.

We give major kudos to the elderly victim in this case. Not only did she call into question just how many different things were wrong with the culprit, but her declaration may have actually saved her from being raped. She was assaulted, yes, but the man was unsuccessful when he tried to initiate intercourse.

Must be something about mothballs and denture adhesive.

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